The Journey Begins – Relieving MS

Relieve Chronic Pain and Multiple Sclerosis
Author: Mindy Willard
On July 4th 2018, I woke up with my arms and legs completely numb and couldn’t see out of my left eye. I was rushed to the hospital thinking that I had a stroke. I soon found out I had MS.
All the recent falls and EXTREME fatigue all made sense. From that time on until January 7th, I became very depressed and slept an average of 18-hours a day. My dizziness, falls and total numbness on my left leg became worse.
In addition to all of that, I had seizure episodes almost daily on-and-off for weeks. I read about all the MS medication and became even more depressed. My daughter’s friend Lindsay told her about this place called Cryo-X and she thought it might help me.
At first I just blew it off thinking nothing was going to help. Then, it got so bad that using a cane to walk was becoming more of a reality for me. At 53 years old and highly active before all of this, I became desperate. I gave Cryo-X a try. This was the best decision I have ever made in my life.
Ann, Lauren and Dani were amazing! They informed me of all the benefits of each service and guided me through what would be best for me to use. I used the Prism Light Pod then did the Cryo-freeze. After months of NO feeling in my left leg, I was driving home after my first session and the feeling began to come back in my leg. I cried in pure happiness.
I’ve continued going ever since and my energy level is back to where I only sleep 8 hours a day. I have not been dizzy nor fallen and the episodes that look like seizures are gone!
My family and doctor cannot believe the difference. I want to thank Lindsay for thinking of me and all of the wonderful people at Cryo-X that truly care about helping people, my family for staying by my side all the way and of course I thank the good Lord above!
Thank you Cryo-X for saving my life!
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