March Into The Summer With Natural Weight Loss

We are heading into the spring season. Saint Patty’s Day celebration occurred this past weekend. Major League Baseball Opening Day is next month. Kentucky Derby Day mint juleps, chapeaux and chiffon dresses appear in May.

When that day comes, many people wished that they started a 90-day fresh-start natural weight-loss program back in March. If you’re reading this blog, now is the time to make that commitment!

At Prism Light Pod, we offer a 90-day holistic nutritional weight-loss program that is bundled with 36 whole-body cold laser therapy sessions to accelerate weight-loss. It’s totally safe and non-invasive. There are no dieting gimmicks. It starts with a couple weeks of detoxing to eliminate toxins that have accumulated within your body over the winter. Then, we replenish your body with holistic nutrition that includes natural supplements to maximize your health and weight loss. Our Fresh-Start program was developed by our holistic nutritionists who have more than 20 years of natural health and wellness expertise. It provides step by step guidelines for eating, fitness and light pod sessions.

You can sign-up for the Prism Light Pod Fresh-Start program at Sports Recovery and Integrated Wellness Centers that offer Prism Light Pod photobiomodulation therapy.

Please see Monica and Gerri’s before and after pictures and video to see their amazing transformation!